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For the sake of the argument, let's say you are not a caveman. It's safe to assume, then, you have sporadically used social media, played games or both! Yes, we know you are out there candy crushers! It's engaging right?
We like to think so too.


In other words: "the whole enchilada"

  • The big idea

    We listen to your ideas and provide advice on feasible ways to make them a tangible technology-based experience. Or based on your brief and your needs we sketch, discuss and pitch innovative interactive and experiential concepts. Please, do not ask for a green giraffe jumping from an airplane into a stadium and dancing the Gangnam style (that's already done!)

  • Planning every detail

    We analyze and plan strategic ways to execute the idea by understanding technologies, venues and deadlines that work within the budget. Believe us, we are experienced problem-solvers that work in many different types of projects: from a simple app to a huge 3D projection.

  • Getting all pieces together

    We create and work hard to bring ideas to reality. No matter how much coffee, coding lines or hours it takes. We carefully test every single component of the experience to assure you the best interaction possible.

  • Launching and providing results

    We deploy and provide support to successfully achieve campaign tactics. We capture, organize and analyze data to deliver reports and optimize current plans and re-plan as needed.


Here is a sneak peek of some of the stuff we've done. Do you want to see more? Contact us.

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Experiential Marketing


We are quiet rebels and loud thinkers. We believe in contradictions. We are not afraid to dream big, but we are spooked of those who are... and of seven legged spiders and creepy little buggers. We are healthy disruptors of the status quo.
Our fiercest foe is the mundane. Our agenda is strictly to be creative and unexpected.
We conceive non-traditional interactive campaigns for brands that, like us, dare to be unconventional.

Felipe Sommer

co-Founder / CEO

Oscar Waldman

co-Founder / COO

Fanny Giuliani

VP, Client Services

Ariel Starkand

VP, Production

Santiago Miculitzki

Art Director

Oliver Verde

Digital Marketing Director

Mario Chalela

Project Manager

Marta Jacofsky


Denise Pomeranc

Account Executive

Ariel Halperin

Production and Operations

Dayana Abramovich

Marketing Analyst

Teo Smith

Human Resources Director

We're growing, but we are not expecting!
We are always looking for talent.

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